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Basic Information

Matthew Linek
Username: mlinek
First Visit: Jun 16, 2000
Last Visit: Tue, Jun 25, 2002, 11:26am
Location:Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
About You:Hello all! I have been a Fruvous fan since the early 90's. I was introduced to the musical genius known as Moxy by a friend in college. To this day I am forever greatful! Life has not been the same since. I live in the Cleveland area of Ohio, so you may see me at all shows around that area - Ohio, Penn., New York (if I'm feeling really adventurous). Favorite songs include: Kick in the Ass!; Fell in Love; Fly; and Splatter, Splatter! Other musical interests: Lots and lots of Classic rock (Yes, The Who, Styx, Queen, you name it) About me? Really, you want to know? How sweet! I'm a graduate of Baldwin Wallace College in Ohio, with a degree in Vocal Music Education. However, I don't use my degree in the least. I work in Unix and Network support. Go figure... 25 yrs. old come June 30th. Single (looking for the right girl - hopefully a Moxy fan!) Brown hair, hazel eyes, medium build (that's ME, not the girl!). Shameless plug wasn't it! So, if I'm on, or off, drop me a line! I love meeting complete strangers!

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