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Username: moxyrox
First Visit: Jun 3, 2001
Last Visit: Thu, Jun 7, 2001, 12:36pm
Homepage:sorry, no time to create one, i will though
About You:i like to ski, ski board, and ski blade, run, hmmm, you prolly already guessed that im into moxy, so i like moby, umm blues travellers, the beatles, the gorrillas, guano apes, guster, and Weezer. i got into fruvous through a friend of mine named Anne S. ( i can't spell her last name correctly and every time i try i screw up very badly, so ill leave it at S.) who lives in glens falls, ny, the first song i ever heard was kick in the ass, and i loved it, now i have live noise which means i listen to it over and over again, O joy and bliss!

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