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Ben Hoffman
Username: musenji
First Visit: Jan 6, 2006
Last Visit: Sun, Sep 11, 2011, 12:49pm
About You:Well, I love making music. I sing, and have played guitar for close to 6 years (acoustic, electric, and classical). I tend to write guitar parts that are too busy to put words to, but too "chordy" to play as solos. :) I've finished a few songs though. Other music? Classical, I love Vivaldi. I like 70's rock music (Boston, Zeppelin), some jazz... The first I heard of Fruvous was the Gulf War Song, done well by some college students at a talent show. Fruvous has been my favorite band for a few years now, but I didn't catch on until after the hiatus had started... :( Something else interesting? Well, I basically learned to harmonize by singing with Boston and Moxy Fruvous, so I developed a good falsetto; I could hit a decent high C in highschool. :) Also, in highschool, I sang the Gulf War Song in a men's quartet. I'm from the USA, but I've been to Canada once, for a few days when Rockway Mennonite High School (in Kitchener, Ontario) hosted a choir festival. We got to sing in the Centre in the Square!

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