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kate childs
Username: newgirl
First Visit: May 31, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Jun 30, 2002, 2:16am
About You:I first heard Moxy Fruvous at work in 98', and I didn't know who they were. A few months later a I was at a good friends house and he was listening to them. It wasn't until I heard the Thornhill CD that I got hooked. now it is my favorite CD. I listen to just about any kind of music and don't really have a favorite TV show what ever is on I'll watch. I'm a big movie person. I love being outside, going for walks or just sitting in the sun. I haven't been to a Fruvous concert yet but I hope to soon!!! I love their music. I think they are great! well that is about all there is to me. So thats all for now. bye

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