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matt lancelle
Username: ninjamatt
First Visit: Oct 19, 2004
Last Visit: Sat, Oct 23, 2004, 8:44pm
About You:Well, i'm a tall, athletic, blue-eyed redhead. I enjoy woking out, martial arts, and sports. I also like video games and movies. I also enjoy prowling the rooftops in search of evildoers to punish. As you no doubt have guessed from that last sentence i am pretty goofy. Indeed, i have a somewhat off the wall sense of humor, but that's what i love about me! Oh, I almost forgot! I love cartoons! They're quite possibly the greatest form of entertainment that has ever escaped from the dark recesses of the minds of men! You know what else is also fun? Kickball! I will totally own you at it! Who cares if it's childish. Sometimes it's best to be a kid again! You have your whole life to be "serious" and "mature" don't be afraid to just do things that are fun!


i'm giving the people's eyebrow apparentlyi'm wearing ryu's gloves from street fighter 2! and lookin all serious, lol
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