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bored, bored, bored....
Username: oggydoggy
First Visit: May 12, 2001
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 8, 2009, 8:06pm
About You:SIMPSON quote o' the week:

"I'm going to act the way Americans act best - unilaterally." - Bart Simpson ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I guess I should really put a profile on here at some point....

My quotes are now on a separate page. If you feel so inclined, go to:
Random Acts of Idiocy


Authors I like (in no particular order):

Dave Barry (Hooray for booger jokes!)
Robert Jordan (Love The Wheel of Time, but will it ever end??)
Cecil Adams (World's smartest human)
Douglas Adams (~1952-2001~ He was a real hoopy frood.)
James Randi , Michael Shermer and Martin Gardner


Stacey and Mini-MikeCreepy Stalker GirlsThe West End and Stanley Park from Vanier Park-Vancouver (I don't know who that guy is)Chris from the BJO: I make this look good!
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