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Katie Peach
Username: peachy
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Fri, Aug 13, 1999, 7:51am
About You:I First saw the band in 1994 or was it '95 (well Murray had long hair then anyway)at the Mean Fiddler, London. My Canadian cousin had sent me Bargainville which I played non-stop - and when I heard the boys were coming over i HAD to see them. Me and a small clan have become dedicated Fruheads, but the lack of UK touring has made us saaaaad. Fave songs: Fell in Love, Green Eggs and Ham, Fly, Gulf War Song, Jonny Saucepan (especially the reference to basil)King of Spain. Walk on the Wildside/Dancing Queen mix. Oh, okay and all the other songs Fuvous have ever written.

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