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Username: radiogatorgir
First Visit: Feb 8, 2004
Last Visit: Sat, Mar 13, 2004, 3:57pm
Location:Berea, Kentucky
About You:Hi! I'm not a very interesting person, according to one of my friends, I've become rather 'vanilla' in my old age. ;^) I'm into reading...usually have my nose buried in a book (if, that is, it isn't glued to my computer monitor) so if you want to recommend a book, e-mail me. Um, other music I'm into: Barenaked Ladies, Great Big Sea, Boyce's Road,Kevin Hearn & Thinbuckle, The Brothers Creeggan, Carbon Leaf, The Real McKenzies, twelve34, Esquivel, 80s music (to the chagrin of my husband). Having just heard some of Jian's solo stuff, I'm getting into him as a non-Fruvous musician as well. My favourite movies: 'The Public Enemy' 'Yankee Dodle Dandy' 'Gone With The Wind' 'The Secret of Nimh' 'The Usual Suspects' I think the accordion is the coolest, most under-valued instrument in the world...more bands should take advantage of it's unique and impressive sound! I'm also big into sports: Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Brown, Clevleand Cavs (now that they have LeBron and look like a team) Montreal Canadiens, Kentucky Wildcats (basketball) and Ohio State buckeyes (football) are my favourites. See, told you I"m boring.

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