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Username: radishal
First Visit: Apr 10, 2005
Last Visit: Fri, May 6, 2005, 9:57pm
About You:i found my girlfriend by accident on this site while looking for something both very similar and completely different, all because she played "independance, indiana" for me one day and it was so good i cried all over her bed. i don't perhaps qualify as a fruhead, but their music makes me frolicksome whenever i am exposed to it, so that shows potential, yes? i saw them live once, at blue skies music festival in clarendon, ontario, in a peculiarly sunny rainstorm, sitting with my best friend and two tinyfriends of hers. it was a good introduction, and they spontaneously invented a song entitled "bright rain" for the occasion. just after them, there was a square dance. my father was in the band for that, and picked up the fruvous set list and gave it to me later, but it was somehow lost in the exciting kerfuffle of the weekend. i mourn for it with a high to moderate level of frequency. i wish i had a teleport with an even higher level of frequency than whatever that last one was. that's enough about me, i guess.

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