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Olivia(gangsta bitch)Chou
Username: rid
First Visit: Dec 1, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Feb 22, 2001, 9:47pm
Location:Orono, Maine
About You:Hmmmmmm..... I like lots of things. My sister Zilpha signed me up in here, so that's how I got into Fruvous, I really had no choice. But anywho, I like music cause music is cool (Rustic, Lauryn Hill, Q-tip, Howie Day, Marley, and lots more of all kinds)......I like softball and I'm pretty good at it......I go to UMaine and it's fucking cold up here and I hate snow and winter--eeeww!............I like M&M's and Boone's.......what else should I say???? Just thought I'd say this before you go asking me how many times I've seen Fruvous and stuff........I've never heard them. Like I said, Zilpha signed me up in here. So it wasn't by my own choice. The people in here are really cool though, and Zilpha likes it in here so I respect that. Maybe I'll hear them one day and then be a Fruvous fan, but until then.........nope. Ok, that's all for now I guess.

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