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rudy rodarte
Username: roots
First Visit: Oct 29, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Nov 5, 2000, 12:30pm
Location:Dayton, Nevada
About You:After reading the news group off and on for the last year or so and then reading the fan site on FDC, I guess I'm going to have to proclaim myself a fru-embryo. I stopped listening to music on the radio back in 1981 when I discovered "talk" radio. Went from political talk to advice-giving talk and finally settled on what I really love to listen to. Shock radio. To be exact, Howard Stern in the morning, Don and Mike ( out of D.C. ) in the afternoon. Didn't really have any interest in any new music or groups in all that time. My wife talked me into going to Strawberry Music Festival ( an event she'd been going to for the last 12 years ) Memorial day weekend 1999. Actually had a good time, heard some good music and I was pleasantly surprised it wasn't all bluegrass. I saw a name of a group in the program that I couldn't pronounce. My wife had never heard of the band, but we decided to check them out. Totally blew me away. The last band that got me that excited was the Beatles. And that was when I was just a kid. And, I got to see them again at Strawberry this year. I'm just really disappointed that at the time I finally get interested in music again, they go on hiatus. Hopefully, they'll make it out West again.

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