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Basic Information

Ian M.
Username: same_guy
First Visit: Aug 15, 1999
About You:My first fruvous incounter was when i was at the very young naieve age of 13. when i felt that i was totaly grown up and nothing could stop me. Fruvous was a way of rebeling against my peers and the music that they listened to. Moxys music was unlike anything i have ever heard, and i was positive that there would never again be another band quite like Fruvous. So I quickly became in touch with all things Fruvous and now know a great deal about them and thier views and how they choose to reveal them. Over the years Fruvous songs have got me through hard times and also kept me company during the hard times when i was lacking that special someone. Praise to you Moxy Fruvous. I also am quite fond of the overall strangeness of They Might Be Giants and the various good vibrations from BNL.


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