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Michelle Chasse
Username: shell*
First Visit: Sep 26, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Oct 15, 2000, 2:58pm
Location:Newark, New York
About You:I'm a young artist from Newark, New York. My main interests include playing the piano and drawing. I listen to frčvous while I draw, and it is the talent that they possess that keeps me inspired. I was turned on to moxy fruvous when I heard The King of Spain on my favorite radio station, WBER, 90.5 fm. I attended a show and I was instantly hooked. I purchased all of their albums, and I have been a faithful frčhead ever since. My whole family loves them. My other musical interests include Radiohead, Weezer, they might be giants, moby, air, smashing pumpkins Sarah Slean, Beck, Tori Amos, Bjork, Blur, Ben Folds Five, Peter Gabriel, depeche mode, massive attack, porno for pyrosThe talking Heads, Joni Mitchell, and many others.

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