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Ashlee Kay
Username: sholioleeo
First Visit: Oct 5, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Nov 27, 2001, 4:30pm
About You:hi all you fruhead peoples! First Concert (actually 3 concerts): The Strawberry Music Festival, Spring 2000. I really love van morrison too, just so you guys know (verrry important) Also quite important: Theres a picture of me at a fruvous workshop on (festival pictures --> spring 2000) im in the front row, pink hat!!! :) My favorite-est movie in the whole wide world: Harold and Maude; i really think everybody should see it...its rather delightful. ALSO, it includes music by Cat Stevens, who is extremely enjoyable! Something fruvous related: I once scared Dave! Something not fruvous related: my best-est friend is Emily and i like her! Hi Emy!!!!!! :)


MF bow @ Strawberry Music Festival (2000)'s Main Stage shoI was balancing on a rock with tied dyed tights's real and a friend (im on the right)
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