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Basic Information

Steve Nordmeyer
Username: snordmey
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Nov 25, 2002, 10:57am
Location:Dayton, Ohio
About You:I've been a fruhead since the talk radio show in Dayton (Kent Voss) told me the name of the group that did the cool Spiderman song he would play during his show. I went out and bought Bargainville and loved every song. Since then, I have infected my wife and two daughters (the oldest of whom, at 4 years, has claimed Jian as her husband). I like reading, hiking, computers, and doing stuff with my family. Musicwise - I like Great Big Sea, Eddie from Ohio, Abba, Presidents of the USA, Yes, Beatles....ok, I'm getting carried away.

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