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Basic Information

Shannon R. Miller
Username: srmiller
First Visit: Aug 14, 1999
Location:Hattiesburg, Mississippi
About You:I am a freelance theatrical scenic and lighting designer working on my M.S. in engineering technology while serving full time as the technical director for the college of the arts at the University of Southern Mississippi. I was born in Fairfax, VA and have lived all over the U.S. Moxie is my favorite band ever even if xxxxx xxxxx xxxx one of my X's. Good taste, xxxxx! (Yes, we were already seperated.) I enjoyed Frucon II very much, though I did't make much effort to meet people. Toronto was a good place to visit. My windshield has never been more clean. I'm activly trying to get more southerners to listen this fine music, but they just don't get it. "All them words is kinda complicated. Why don't they sing normal?"

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