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Basic Information

Chris Colton
Username: st.joe
First Visit: Sep 14, 1999
Location:Churchville, Pennsylvania
About You:WXPN 88.5 (Philadelphia, PA) introduced me to Fruvous in early 1998. I bought "live noise" and the rest was history. Now I listen to "b album" "moon" "bargainville" and "thornhill" on a weekly basis. Graduated from St. Joseph's University as a finance major and now work at Merrill Lynch in new jersey as a financial consultant. I love basketball and can be seen at all the hawks games or even a 76ers game on occassion. Weekends are spent moonlighting as a disc jockey. i dj parties, weddings, birthdays, and proms (world's greatest weekend job ever - unless you are earning a living as a member of moxy fruvous - touring the US and Canada on weekends). When not working I will be found dancing in an olde city philadelphia bar or in center city bars downing a cold bottle of Yuengling or a pint of Guiness. If I am not downtown I am probably in Stone Harbor or Avalon, NJ with the guys - partying on the weekend. Hobbies include: making mix tapes for friends (it's expected because I am a dj), dancing, listening to music all day -everyday, pick-up basketball, golfing, and roadtrips from Nags Head, NC up to Boston whenever possible. I love to drive - as long as there is agreat destination ahead of me. I bought tickets for my first Fruvous show in Nov. My buddy is joining me for the concert with his girlfriend. My friend and his girlfriend and not Fruheads, like me, but I am sure that will change after the show. See you at the Keswick Theatre in Glenside, PA on Nov. 19 I have yet to find a date for the show but there is plenty of time before those "Crazy Canadians" take the stage. It will be an awesome show!!!

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