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Username: stephijo
First Visit: Apr 11, 2000
Last Visit: Wed, Nov 8, 2006, 8:29pm
Location:Brooklyn, New York
About You:I'm a freelance writer who happens to love Moxy and other silly, Canadian pop groups. Recently went to the Falconridge Folk Festival and stayed at lower camp Fruvous and had lots of fun! I'm in love with Mark Erelli!!! Also currently obsessed with Eddie From Ohio, and cannot get enough of their albums. Saw them twice in concert in September, including an unforgettable show at NY's Knitting Factory, and upstate at RPI with the infamous Andy World! Also, have been watching the Chris Isaak Show of late. If anyone needs a new musician to check out, pop in a Chris Isaak cd and listen to "Let Me Down Easy" form his new cd.,.....ah bliss.

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