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Cheryl Pacitti
Username: sunshine
First Visit: Sep 12, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Dec 2, 2002, 2:16am
Location:Voorhees, New Jersey
About You:Well...I just recently discovered Moxy Fruvous at the Philly Folk Fest this past August, and I was hooked immediately. I thought they were amazing, and not just one of the mainstream shitty bands that are clogging our radio stations. They were so unique, and that's why I went out and bought every CD I could find! Other bands I like? Hmmm...I'd have to say Dar Williams, Eddie from Ohio, the Beatles, The Smiths, Joan Jones(I recommed checking her out!!!),Radiohead, and i'm sure a bunch of other stuff too that I don't feel like remembering right now.


This is me at the ripe age of 2...I happened to be an avid smoker!This is me with my SEXY boyfriend...kidding of course, it's my scary, scary bossHere is me being a happy little folk fester!!!me, me, me!!!
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