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Tadd Davis
Username: taddster
First Visit: Mar 25, 2002
About You:I'm a techie by trade and hobby, I enjoy all things technical and geeky, and many things not. I love to read (anything) and write (poetry, short storys, essays ... attention span too short to try something like a novel). I love to listen to (anything) and play (acoustic tenor, (if a banjo and a traditional acoustic guitar mated, this would be the resulting offspring) and bass guitar) music. I first heard Moxy Früvous in, i think, 1993 or 1994, on Live at The World Cafe on WXPN in Philly, also saw them for the first time that same week at the Tin Angel in Philly (Yeah, they were THAT good!)... I'm sure somebody out there knows the exact dates. Feel free to email me if you want to chat or whatever. There's basically nothing on my web page, put the URL there in case I ever put one up again.

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