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Taylor nelsoN
Username: taylor
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Jul 30, 2003, 11:17am
Location:San Jose, California
About You:Well, my old "about" really kinda sucked, so here's my shot at writing a new one. I got turned on to Fruvous in '96 by a friend who had moved out from NY, handed me a tape, and said "You must hear this." Thankfully, they finally started to do west coast shows after a while and you can find me at most any Northern California show wearing my Tacky Hawaiian Shirt [tm]! One of my other passions is science fiction....I just eat it up! When it comes to TV, I love Buffy, The X Files, Farscape. My books lately have ranged from The Bordertown series (fantasy) to the Area 51 and Atlantis serieses (both SF). All of them great books! Musically my tastes go everywhere from Fruvous to Crowded House to Midnight Oil to Eminem to the Nields to the Sugarcubes to Limp Bizkit and back again. My other serious passion is vintage VWs...anything built before 1968. I was brought home from the hospital at birth in a '67 Bug and it's been in the blood since. Currently, I own a 1963 VW Camper built by the Riviera company in Oregon many moons ago. Mom owns a '62 Bug and dad's got a '67 it's a family addiction. I work as an English tutor at San Jose State University during the school year and really can't think of anything else to say really....ummmm, thanks for actually looking me up. ;)


Awwww, ain't I just sweet lookin?Me in LA, June 2K...a friend's 54 VW had already been a *long* weekend!Me and my girlfriend Amber, late Oct 2000You trust this face to drive? ;)
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