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Thelma Igornishkov
Username: thelma_69
First Visit: Feb 2, 2001
Last Visit: Fri, Nov 9, 2001, 4:37pm
About You:Fuck the substance of fort of thats the cocaine of the crack and semen. It was the base of bricks of the hour for the breasts! Okay y'all, that was just an inside joke between me and my husband Adolf, who has now also begun to love Fruvous- just like MEEEE! I love Jian, and that bugs you, doesn't it, Adolf? Haha got you there! :) Smooches honey! *big grin* I want you all to go to Adolf's and his friend's web site which is under construction at the moment. Still trying to convince Adolfey- poo to add a pic of JJjjjjjjjian Ghomeshi! (a world-class speciman of manhood) And dont tell me that I dont sound Russian. I take extreme offense to that... I learned much of my English off the internet and through courses. Especially off Baywatch- some excellent language used there, and very applicable to real life. (Adolf knows)


me and my best friend in the whole world, EthylMe and my Dear loving husband, AdolfMe at my last birthday partyME!!! in a school play in the 70s
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