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M.J. (truztno1)
Username: truztno1
First Visit: Aug 21, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, May 3, 2004, 2:37am
Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
About You:Long story short: I'm a nerd surrounded by FOBs that rejects stereotypical ghetto Asian-stylings for "white people music". Short story long: I'm an undergrad at MIT, enjoy good music (jazz, rock, acoustic/folky stuff, classical, everything except screaming heavy metal rap/hiphop/britney spears unless i'm dancing/headbanging)... e.g. in constant rotation in my CD player-- Guster, John Mayer, Catie Curtis, Mieka Pauley, Coldplay, Jason Mraz... always popping up on my playlist-- Jack Johnson, Eastmountainsouth, The Wallflowers, Ben Harper, David Gray, more mellow Foo Fighters tracks, and anything by Bernstein or Copland. And I LOVE bass lines in jazzy songs. :-) I pound Korean drums, play the flute, and attempt to sing in my spare time, among other things. The how-I-got-into-MF story: a friend had me listen to 'Kick in the Ass'. I was hooked. Saw them at the Keswick (Nov. 99?). I was hooked even more. I used to be obsessed with the X-files. Now, I find other ways to procrastinate, like using my digital camera. Drop me a line... I don't bite. Promise.

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