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Basic Information

Vika Zafrin
Username: vika
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Jan 6, 2005, 1:02pm
Location:Providence, Rhode Island
About You:I've been a Fruhead since about 1994, when a friend sent me a tape of their music (yes, yes, I went and bought the albums eventually). I saw my first "full" Fruvous show on March 16, 1997 (not counting the 1996 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival appearance), and discovered a cool community of their fans shortly afterward.

When not at shows, I generally occupy my time with attempting educate myself further. For example, in May of 2001 I received my Master's degree in Italian Studies at Brown University. Currently, I am pursuing Special Study PhD program (like an independent major, but more so) at Brown, in Humanities Computing. (Wanna know more about what I want to do? Take a look at Roland. Since that kind of takes over one's life for a while, I don't do much else, though I can be persuaded to cook, go on an occasional 9-hour steep hike (ow), or go see other bands, notably Eddie From Ohio.


myself, norg & leah at a fruvous show - where else?A pic of me, cut out from the previous one (yay narcissism!)
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