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Username: xkelzmmkx
First Visit: Jun 26, 2005
Last Visit: Wed, Aug 10, 2005, 12:15pm
About You:���My name is Kelsei aka Kelz .. I am 13yrs old and I go to FHJHS..I get along with just about everybody as long as u get along with me.There are only a couple ppl I hate(hehe,Not gonna name)Hmm..I Live With My GrammyParents and Its Awesomez Cuz Imma Spoiled!Umm Itz Alwayz been my dream to Live in Canada.Yea,I know Its totally weird my Friend L-L want to 2!Shawn dont like canadians but Poop On Him!!Hehe J/p Shawn!Well Umm Im a good person I guess.Im very attached to my friends and especially my Babi Andrew..No,Im not single..I love Muh Babi Andrew..when I met him in real life I was Amazed!I Love Him So Much!We dated for 3Months before I got to meet him!And we are totally close now!Love U Boo-Bear!Hehe:pI Love All my friends!I have like the best friends Ever!They Rock!Oh Yea,Im Obsessed with Penguinz..I think they are so cute and so adorable!!Tom,Lebron,L-L,Andrew know I have a thing for them;)I dont know anything else earth shattering about me.Hehe.HmM..Im pretty attached to Muh Celly..Joseph says it causes Tumors but who knows:-s..Could it!?That would be scary but anyways..I have way 2 many friends to name them all so Yea.Hehe.I like Pepsi ALOT!Yum!Yum!I can be a lil immature sometimes but some pplz say Im a Bizatch and I am so NOT!I am really a sweet person..Oh Yea You can check out Muh site if u want .. .. If you wanna talk to me or something email me or IM me at [email protected].. Anywayz,Go FHJHS Pups!:.Aka Pupsvilla,IL..F-L-O-R-A!!.:��� �HmM.Talking on the phone,Hanging out with friends,Talking on yahoo messenger,Loving Andrew Hook:x:xHez so hot and hes muh Man!!Hehe!Luv Ya Boo!�


This is Tom..One Of Muh Boi's Luv U!!I Love My Boyfriend,I Love you So Much Andrew..:x:xthis is Muh BfPepsi Is MmM Good
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