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Tom Ross
Username: zawatsky
First Visit: May 2, 2000
Location:Rochester, New York
About You:I'm a senior in high school, and will be attending Geneseo next year. I played hockey, but am not good enough to play at the college level (no big deal), so I have more time to explore my other interests. I have an eclectic musical taste. I'm really starting to get into Guster now, I like to classics (Hendrix, Zepplin, Beatles, Stones, etc.), hate MTV et al, and (in addition to Fruvous) really like Johny Vegas, moe, Less Than Jake, and Phish. I got into Fruvous the same way i got into most bands, my friend told me about them and gave me a tape of one of their shows. I've only been to three shows, most recently 4/29/00, and really liked all of them.

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