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Milwaukee Old 97's show 10/24

   Discussion: Milwaukee Old 97's show 10/24
Erick · 19 years, 10 months ago
Yes, THOSE same Old 97's that we Chicagoans keep hearing on XRT and then later in our heads over and over because they pack more hooks than a coat room or a slaughterhouse or a bait shop or bell hooks' family reunion - no, wait, that's not right - a.. erm.. uh.. another coat room somewhere else. Anyway, the show is on Sunday the 24th at The Rave and there's a pre-show party with several quality regional acts including Chicago singer-songwriter and major Fruhead Erick Rudiak (me). If you're interested in below-list-price tickets, roll on by to; if you're interested in test-driving the Rude Yak song-listening experience, load up and grab some MP3s. Peace. Erick.
Jody · 19 years, 10 months ago
This post amused me, but I can't get to teh shows. Too bad.

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