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in search of demo tapes . . .

   Discussion: in search of demo tapes . . .
Calum Smith · 16 years, 2 months ago

Hey gang;

I'm in the process of converting all my hard albums to MP3's for preservation and accessibility.  in evaluating my cassette situation, I found that Wood had become destroyed altogether (tres sad, but I replaced it using Limewire) and that the Indie Cassette and the Wood Demo were in appalling condition. 

I'm interested in tracking down MP3 replacements of these, most especially the awesome spooky live version of Laika from the demo tape (the other songs on that, as I recall, were the same as on the album), and the awesomely unrefined versions of Bargainville songs from the Indy tape (I have already found Green Eggs and Ham.)

If anybody has MP3's they'd e-mail me, CD's they'd sell me, or tapes they'd send in pity, please please e-mail or just  (I think also works, but I haven't tried that in years)

Thanks thanks,


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