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Business Attire

   Discussion: Business Attire
katie · 18 years ago
I *luv* the grey suit with the embroidery, I think you should go with that one, probably closed just because the jacket doesn't look like it's really designed to hang open. And I like it without the collar shirt. :) So my vote is for Outfit 5 :)
Talcott Back · 18 years ago
I agree. Although I don't mind it open.

Although, keep in mind that I don't understand formal/business attire at all, so I'm just going off what looks good to me, I have no idea of that's the "best" thing to wear.

BTW: Your username worked well ;-)
renita · 18 years ago
i like the grey suit with the embroidery, but for an interview i actually like outfit 1 best.

i might be swayed toward outfit 5, do you have a shirt that tucks in? i think it's the blue at the bottom that throws it off for me.
renita Back · 18 years ago
but honestly if you had any colared shirt that fit nicely under the buttoned blazer, that be cool too.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago
You mean the embroidered one with a collared thing? It's really high neckline so it tends to look kinda puritanesque when there's a collar. :)

I can tuck a shirt in...I just though a solid gray everything with nothing breaking it up was kinda boring. Dunno.

I really wish the grey suit jacket had two buttons, or that I could sew. Then I could make my chest look less stupid. :)
renita Back · 18 years ago
no, not the embroidered one with a collared thing, you're right, that would look stuffy.

if you want to add some colour to the embroidered suit, maybe add a scarf, or a necklace? but i think it would have a cleaner line without the shirt.

yah, i can see what you mean with the jacket, if it had two buttons, it'd probably fit over a blouse better.

Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago
I found a couple other possibilities and will try to get more pics. Found a nice jacket I forgot I had.
dirty life & times · 18 years ago
option 1 or two. looks professional but, in my opinion, younger & less fussy than the embrodered outfit.
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago
I think 1 and 8 are my favorites so far.
betsy =) · 18 years ago
i think i like 1 the best. good luck!
sheryls · 18 years ago
I'm definately going with #2, it has very simple straight lines and doesnt look too overstated or understated!!!!!!!!

and. you look of the hawt. :P
Andrea Krause Back · 18 years ago
thanks for heeding my call. :)

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