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   Discussion: Raymond
Talcott · 18 years, 3 months ago
Who need small towns? You should move to Columbus.
Look at the lovely grid that is my home town. (google map)And, for the most part, it runs North to South and East to West, so you can give easy directions like "go two blocks north, three blocks west, and then make a right onto High st.

The non-grid layout, five-way intersections, and generally non-straight roads are things that I still haven't gotten used to after almost two years up here.
Annika Back · 18 years, 3 months ago

See this is the area that I live, and if you'll notice all the broken streets, loopy streets, maybe notice how pacific hwy turns into evergreen way, Beverly park drive becomes Holly drive,� if you scroll down airport road becomes 128th st SW *looks for other ones been lost on a couple of times*� Gibson rd becomes Ash way, Manor way becomes Madison way, Mukeltio speedway which is also hwy 525 suddenly, but with warning if you're aware, becomes I-405.� Generally I'm watching the cars around me a little more than the street signs in that area.. Which made it take a bit to figure out that no I didn't accidentally take an exit onto 405.

The only bad thing I see about moving to Columbus is.. well two bad things.� One, I've never heard of anything exciting in Columbus, I might be bored� and two I can't imagine Ohio scenery to be that spectacular.� If you could prove me wrong on both of those, I'm game.. when my lease is up.

Talcott Back · 18 years, 3 months ago
Huh. For some reason, the link just gave me a map of the US. Although from your description, it sounds a lot like Lewiston.

Well, Columbus is a fairly big city (pop 600,000+, 1million metro area). What kind of things would you be looking for?
Although, unless you're really excited about cows and cornfields, I don't know if I can make you excited about the scenery. The city itself is fairly forested (as in, quite a few tree-heavy parks in the middle of town), but I wouldn't call in scenic. There's some good scenicness about an hour to the south-east, but I don't think that'll count ;-)
Annika Back · 18 years, 3 months ago

It may be just like Lewiston if you switch coasts and snow for rain. =P If you're really curious what I typed in for the map was Everett 98204.

What I'm looking for in a city is.. stuff.� Lots of stuff.� Clubs (dancing drinking pretending to be social) music, lots of stage things going on, I want action without having to go looking for action, but not too much action.� Urban next to rural is what I want.

By the way, I think cows are crrraaazy! I've made drivers (of the car I'm in, not other drivers) pull over because "OOOOH! OH MY GOD! WAS THAT A COW?!"� Also by drivers I mean Briana or Margaret, whoever was driving when I said that.

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