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Looking For A Live Song....

   Discussion: Looking For A Live Song....
Sarah Bousman-Krueger · 14 years, 7 months ago
Sorry if this is not where this goes, but I'm looking for a song. I believe it's called "Requestomatic"??  I once had it, but it was lost sometime after a computer switch.. I COULD be wrong, but I was pretty darn sure it was Moxy who did this song.

Anyway, if someone has it, could you maybe please e-mail it to me?

Thanks so much!
Josh Woodward Back · 14 years, 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure this was from the 10/10/98 Martyr's show in Chicago. I don't have a copy easily accessible, but I think other people here might.
goovie is married! Back · 14 years, 7 months ago
request-o-matic! (request-o-matic!) we're request machines!

every time i go to martyrs i think about that show--even tho it happened like two months before i got into fruvous and a good five years before i ever set foot into martyrs. hee.
100% dainty! Back · 14 years, 7 months ago
I TOTALLY HAVE THAT SONG! :) I can send it to you.
Misch Back · 14 years, 7 months ago
"We'll play it, but you can eat shit!" - Mike Ford
Paul D. Beasi · 14 years, 7 months ago
It was definitely Moxy, it was a webcast show from Chicago. I have it somewhere, but only on CD and I have no idea where it is. :(
Sarah Bousman-Krueger Back · 14 years, 7 months ago
Darn. :(  At least I know for sure now that it WAS Moxy.

Well, if you ever come across it.. or hopefully someone else has it and can send it my way.

Thank you though!!

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