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Your path to FHDC

   Discussion: Your path to FHDC
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years ago
Last night I was talking to David Massengill who recorded a number of songs in tribute to his mentor, Dave Van Ronk. I told him that Dave was my gateway drug into the folk world. He liked that analogy.

If it wasn't for Dave I wouldn't be here. I learned about him from my college roommate's record collection. He was the first folk musician that I went to see at a club. I saw in the paper that he was going to be on WFUV, which is how I got hooked on the station. Christine Lavin was on the same show and that's where I got hooked on her too. I discovered Fruvous on WFUV so if it wasn't for Dave Van Ronk I wouldn't be posting this.

What was your path to FHDC?
goovie is married! Back · 18 years ago
i found out about fruvous from my friend dan. i met dan thru the dar-list. i found out about dar from weta's folk radio show, "traditions." so dar was my gateway drug. and mary cliff of "traditions" was enabler? sekrit pretend radio grandma with kickass musical taste? maybe all three.
100% dainty! · 18 years ago
who took me to the Philly Folk Festival in 1999, where I heard them play. Four years later, friends in college showed me "The Gulf War Song," and then I fell in love.
sheryls · 18 years ago
in high school, a friend of mine's dad had Bargainville. i wasnt terribly enamoured with it (robert smith didnt sing it. so i didnt like it).

when i got to college, my next door neighbor in the dorm used the school's local IRC. i went on, and did a who on someone, who's realy name was "fruvous@".. and i said "hey, like moxy fruvous?"

i wonder what ever happened to that guy. i think his name was Josh or something? :P
Mamalissa! · 18 years ago
Brown University's prospective "Day on College Hill," where I met Chris E., with whom I became fast friends, who three years later invited me to go with his family to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, where I saw the lads.
Jºnªthªn · 18 years ago
NPR - I heard "I love my boss" on NPR...which lead to Amoeba records and a copy of Live Noise... which lead to Slim's in SF... and I think I found FHDC shortly after that. Met my GF here.
Andrea Krause · 18 years ago
Was into TMBG in high school, big big fan. Was on the newsgroup and saw lots and lots of people mention Barenaked Ladies and Moxy Fruvous. Paul and I checked out Barenaked Ladies live and it was aaawesome. So Moxy Fruvous was the next experiment. Paul got an album or two, we listened and liked, then went to two shows in one weekend (first show was the Lowest Highest Point) and were hoooooked.

And as I've always been an online world person, it was natural that I'd end up here once it existed.
Annika · 18 years ago
I used to mostly only listen to punk, huge fan of the vandels and dead kennedy's, then a friend of mine had a one night stand and the girl he'd met made him a mixed tape with Dan Bern, Greg Brown a few other people and a couple of Fruvous songs. I was less than fond of it the first time I heard it but days later I changed my mind and loved it. Years later I googled fruvous and found this site.
trunger is counting... · 18 years ago
I took a wrong turn in Alberquerque and ended up here...or was it the Sahara...
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 18 years ago
This isn't Pismo Beach.
siobhan's a londoner · 18 years ago
my route was called emilie, some of you may know her. SInce that entree into folk post fairground attraction and show of hands etc... I have listened to Jonah Matranga, Frank Turner and ocuntless dad is now really into Dave Carter and Tracey Grammer almbums too. So the love is spread....
Will work for anime · 17 years, 11 months ago
Ya see, back in '96-'97 I was a wide eyed freshman in college with much to learn about life, the universe and music. A girl on my floor who was good friends with my roomie played her a mix tape with King of Spain on it. Soon that became one of the themes of our floor (along with Offspring "Drive in My Car"...or something like that). I ended up transfering to another school the next year but in the summer between I searched out the CD with that song on it - which was rather difficult since I only knew them as Moxy Foibus. But I eventually found Bargainville at Media Play, saw my first fru show that summer in Manhattan Square Park and the rest as they say is history. It is a direct result of listening to this band that I am currently married and co-owner of our first house ^_^
*joolee* · 17 years, 11 months ago
Some friends of mine who were also into TMBG had Bargainville and on a whim I bought and the rest is history...

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