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I had a dream, it goes with a Decade of FHDC

   Discussion: I had a dream, it goes with a Decade of FHDC
J. Andrew World · 15 years ago
Ever had a dream where things are as vivid as reality? A dream where your dreams days, weeks, months, and even years later still think back to that orginal dream?

I had one. It involved a Fruvous reunion concert, for some reason it was in a church in the middle of nowhere New York. It was on Route 20, I arrived a little late, and I see Anita, Gordon, Lori and more of the usual suspects. We had a discussion asking why would Fruvous reunite for one night only here? It was when Fruvous took to the stage I realized it was a dream and woke up with "Splatter Splatter" in my head. 

The other night in my dream I was talking with someone about the Fruvous reunion show when they told me it was a dream I had and Fruvous didn't get back together. Then I woke up.

Any one else have a dream about a reunion?
Jºnªthªn Back · 15 years ago
I had a dream about seeing Mollie (mine not yours) at a Fruvous reunion show. There was no show in the dream though, so I can't post the setlist :)
J. Andrew World Back · 15 years ago
 Maybe we should post our setlists from dreams on FDC...

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