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Cover of And So It Goes

   Discussion: Cover of And So It Goes
Fez · 3 years, 9 months ago
A bit of a long shot here, but I'm wondering if anyone remembers a cover of And So It Goes (the Bob Chilcott arrangement) that was never officially released on one of the albums? Going back many years now, but I came to Moxy Fruvous after downloading the entire bibliography off of Limewire (or maybe even Kazaa... now that's going back a while), and this track was included as an extra. It may have been a live or bonus recording, but was never 'officially' included on any album, so it's hard to find any record of it in connection with the band. A complete long shot, but... does anyone still have a copy of it? I'd love to hear it just once more, and have been searching for it online for years. I've even tried emailing members of the band, but... no luck just yet! Thanks :)

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