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Adam says hello to old friends and new

   Discussion: Adam says hello to old friends and new
EcowarriorII · 20 years ago
Hey Talcott Lacy Neek Logan and anyone else I have met at a mulvey or dan burn show that know the people I have previously mentioned. I made the leap and signed up. I figure this way I'll be able to keep in touch with you all better than IM and email especially as we move farther and farther away from that epicenter of culture BG. Hello to all other fru head as well. Just a quick quiestion does this mean I need to learn the code to add a umlaut to spell fruvous properly?
Mamalissa! Back · 20 years ago
I have yet to learn the umlaut code... it comes up in conversation every once in a while, but I never seem to integrate it into my typing lexicon. In extreme cases, I have been known to cut and paste.
Adam Hartfield Back · 20 years ago

It is ALT-129 on your PC's numeric keypad. There are other codes, too. I don't know what the Macintosh one is.

lawrence Back · 20 years ago
ack, no! alt-129 is unreliable in different fonts. use ü in html. that's guaranteed to work on any platform with any fonts (well, except weird fonts that mess everything up, of course :)
Adam Hartfield Back · 20 years ago
Unless, of course, you're not using HTML.
Mamalissa! Back · 20 years ago
Well this is just peachy. I don't have any excuse anymore. Until I forget again.
Talcott Back · 20 years ago
I always use Alt+0252 for lower-case, and Alt+666 for upper-case.

Joe Navratil Back · 20 years ago
The Mac codes are brain-dead easy. "Option-U u" is .
Songbill Back · 20 years ago

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