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newbie question -torrents

   Discussion: newbie question -torrents
Lynne · 16 years ago

Anyone able to explain how that whole thing works?


sheryls Back · 16 years ago

no, but maybe you can explain to me how your oven works!

HI LYNNE! can i come over and bake cookies? :P

Lynne Back · 16 years ago

Hey Stranger! oven is now on Long Island!  Come use it anytime!  How've you been?  What've you been up to?  

sheryls Back · 16 years ago

hey! i was on long island in october! had a wedding in...wood. woodbridge. wood..something. linky here. WOODBURY. that's it. :D

i've been. um. up to. work. and. stuff :P i moved to perrysburg. i'm a web developer. it's fun. :P sorta. what have you been up to??

Misch Back · 16 years ago
OMG! n00b!

Just kidding. Here's a beginners guide.
Lynne Back · 16 years ago
Phew!  Thanks!   Now to understand that link...  I think i can, i think i can..   

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