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When is the next FruCon?

   Discussion: When is the next FruCon?
Steve McCornack · 21 years ago
I hate to sound like a newbie, but when is the next FruCon?  I take it that I just missed it this year.
Josh Woodward Back · 21 years ago
It'll probably be, for better or for worse, next February on Presidents' Day weekend.
A.J. Back · 21 years ago
I may really regret saying this, but since at this point frucon is not much more than a big party, I suppose we *could* do something sooner than February if people wanted. But where and when, I'd have no clue.
Talcott Back · 21 years ago
Eairler than Feb would be fine, but I'd still like to keep the Feb/Toronto gathering intact...

danced with Lazlo Back · 21 years ago
agreed, for the record.
Sarah Back · 21 years ago
I mentioned in another forum that I am willing to have a gathering in Maine sometime during the summer/fall if anyone is interested. Sarah

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