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New Fruvous song for you

   Discussion: New Fruvous song for you
Marty Cosgrove · 16 years, 7 months ago
Hello everyone,

I just logged into after I don't know how many months (years?). I am stunned and amazed to see it still going strong, while the band remains "on hiatus."

While I would love a studio album from the band, I think they're done. But I would like to share a song with you. I don't know if Moxy Fruvous wanted these songs shared at all, but at this point, I guess I don't really care. I haven't had any contact with them for years. If they want me to take the song down, I will gladly cease and desist.

But until then, you can download  the Fruhead song they recorded about me at:

A little background will help make the song understandable.

Back in the years 1994-97, I lived in Columbus, OH, attending grad school at The Ohio State University. My brother got me interested in the band in late 1993, and I started attending as many shows around Ohio as I could. On one road trip, to see the band at  Wilbert's in Cleveland, my friends and I were staying at the same hotel as MF. I brought along my accordion (which I really don't play much - I inherited it from my mom, and I play piano, so I can dabble in the accordion). My intention was to jam with the band back at the hotel if the opportunity arose. But they were tired after the show, so we just all ended up hanging out talking instead.

Also, I guess I never conveyed my heterosexuality very clearly, as you'll hear in the song! Either that, or it's just awfully hard to rhyme "tarantella."

Lastly, I was always a little bummed that the recording wasn't the full band but was just Dave and Mike. Still, I was happy just to get any song, so I'll take it.

Thanks, everybody.
-Marty Cosgrove
VaiVedrai Back · 16 years, 7 months ago
Thank you for sharing the song!
Mamalissa! Back · 16 years, 7 months ago

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