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King of Spain's HAT

   Discussion: King of Spain's HAT
Melanie the Goob · 14 years, 5 months ago
Hey folks!  One of my friends here in Seattle is going to a "king" themed costume party so of course she is going as the King of Spain.

Does anyone have a picture of a hat for her to represent what the King's attire should be?  She's planning to make one but she needs something to go on.

Snow In Summer Back · 14 years, 5 months ago
check out the video on youtube.  that would be a good start.  you might be able to find some stuff on FDC.  new link:
Melanie the Goob Back · 14 years, 5 months ago
Hey, that's pretty awesome.  The archives take a while to load but there's some great memories in there.  I even found a photo of the very first time I saw them live (Phila Folk Fest, Tank Stage, 1997). 

And there's records of all their show dates, too... oooohhh there's the show I met Chris at.  November 1997 at the TLA.  And the Northampton Folk fest when they played with Dan Bern.  And the Ocean City Music Pier in 1999 when I had 2 flat tires.  Actually it's kind of sad seeing all the shows I COULD HAVE gone to.  But I only saw them 17 times. heh... 17 isn't enough.


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