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Resolve the HP printer not printing color issue

   Discussion: Resolve the HP printer not printing color issue
lisabrownusa789 · 1 year, 3 months ago
If you are struggling with HP Printer not Printing Color, then, first of all, check if the color cartridge is out of ink. If everything is fine with the color cartridge, then check if the printhead requires to be cleaned. If yes, then clean the printhead thoroughly. Ensure that the color option on the printer is turned on, as this is one of the common reasons for the problem. Also, make sure to use genuine ink cartridges as it is not possible for HP to guarantee the quality and reliability of non-HP cartridges. Check if the printer is running short of paper, if yes, then ensure that the paper tray must match with the tray loaded with paper to fix the problem.Also Read Our Popular Posts:-How to move outlook emails to Gmail on iPhone Recall Outlook Emails on iPhone How to turn off Chrome notifications on iPhone Remove Chrome Extensions Permanently Remove Google Chrome Bookmarks on iPhone Google Chrome not Working on iPhone Change Your Gmail Profile Picture on iPhone How to Create Gmail Account on iPhone How to Change Gmail Theme on iPhone 

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