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Torrent: Moxy Fruvous 2/6/99 Trocadero - Phily

   Discussion: Torrent: Moxy Fruvous 2/6/99 Trocadero - Phily
Jason Reiser · 17 years ago
One of my favorite shows, now available...

Moxy Fruvous
February 6, 1999
The Trocadero
Philadelphia, PA
Brian Bernardini Back · 17 years ago
Thank you thank you thank you!
dgodwin Back · 17 years ago
Thanks Jason
dave "buh" Back · 17 years ago

My first fruvous show!

Agent Scully Back · 17 years ago
Thank you! :D
lawrence Back · 17 years ago
what I'd really like to see is a recording of all the stuff that happened after the show. I want to hear Murray say "I AM the band." :)
100% dainty! Back · 17 years ago

Wow, this really really rocks!! Thank you! Can people seed this one for as long as possible??

Yeah, I would also like to see a recording of everything that happened afterwards. That would be hilarious. I wasn't there but I heard it was brutal.  What's with the Murray "I am the band" quote?

Joe Navratil Back · 17 years ago

Among other things, (apparently) the bouncers tried to kick everyone out the minute the lights came up after the show, Murray included.

It wasn't exactly a very friendly venue.
100% dainty! Back · 17 years ago

Wow, I heard that the bouncers tried to kick everyone out, and all the fruheads were waiting out in the cold, but I hadn't heard that they tried to kick Murray out too!

Gosh. . Philly really isn't that cruel, I swear! ;)  Hopefully the GBS concert at the Trogdor will go better.

stealthlori Back · 17 years ago

Murray came outside to talk to us, and when he tried to go back in (he didn't even have his coat on) the bouncers said "show's over, only the band can be inside now, everyone else go home."  So Murr said "I AM the band" and they didn't want to buy it.    

Jian was so pissed he actually posted on ammf over it.  And announced to all and sundry that Fruvous would never play the Troc again.  And they didn't. 

Rockin' show, though. Butch Ross opened (with a band) and that was how we found out about him and vice versa.

Sam Back · 1 month ago
That's crazy. I was 14 and I remember them trying to get everyone out but I don't remember rowdy. My first show and the best ever still to this day. Was looking for video on it, thought it would be funny to reply to a comment from 16 years ago! K bye!
Sam Back · 1 month ago
Amazing!  14 years old when I saw this show!
Brian Dinsky · 17 years ago
oh man, i'd certainly urinate all over my oshkoshbgosh if somehow fruvous' frff 2k midnight set was posted.  that'd be a dream come true 3 years running or something :-)
Jason Reiser Back · 17 years ago
Was it that incredible?  I barely remember it, but I do have it.  I'll give it a listen later.
Brian Dinsky Back · 17 years ago
i recall it being my favorite show that i've ever been to, but i haven't heard it since it happened.  then again, i've been to like 5 shows.  but yeah, it was good for a short set.  i think they went a little past their permitted time (WHAT A SHOCKER)
Phoenix Back · 17 years ago

If you have it please post it -whenever you like  - I'll be forever grateful - it was not only an awesome show but the last frü show I attended and I still had my gall bladder

Mollie · 17 years ago
That's my birthday show! they sang me happy birthday! Yeah!
Jason Reiser Back · 17 years ago
Oh neat... I wondered which Mollie/y they were singing for.
stealthlori Back · 17 years ago

yeah, that was cool.  :)

That was also the show where we were enjoined to "think glocally" by Mike, and Jian got us all to chant "we are hippies and geeks". 

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