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Photo Gallery: mikecarr

Zoë grinning
Viewed 1207 times
Awesome pic of Bronwyn and Zoë at 2 years-ish
Viewed 1292 times
No, I *really* was a fat baby. Not even 6 months old in shot.
Viewed 1336 times
My dad as a teenager
Viewed 1385 times
Uncle Mike and Zoë - Halloween 2004.
Viewed 1346 times
Zoë and Chloe on the couch
Viewed 1331 times
Niece Zoë and cousin Chloe, pre-Halloween 2003
Viewed 1263 times
My porcelain sister. I'm in the background, natch.
Viewed 1369 times
Cutest. Niece. Ever. :)
Viewed 1362 times
Mike and niece Zoë, within an hour of birth
Viewed 1379 times
My favoritest Jon in the whole wide world
Viewed 1357 times
Ah, the things you do to kill a Friday night...
Viewed 1404 times
Ever seen a cat run sideways?
Viewed 1431 times
Ssh! Zoë's sleeping
Viewed 1360 times
My mom and niece Zoë
Viewed 1477 times
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