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Photo Gallery: karaoke_ninja

WONDERTWIN POWER!!! Just before entering FRFF 2006
Viewed 1635 times
My dad: 6/26/40 - 2/13/06
Viewed 1512 times
My hometown, Woodstock, NY
Viewed 1507 times
Just married! September 10, 2006
Viewed 1437 times
I'm so freakin' suave.
Viewed 1475 times
Me and Mickey, circa 1983
Viewed 1417 times
The Price Is Right!
Viewed 1435 times
My arms.
Viewed 1469 times
Beer+Punk Rock+Digital Camera =
Viewed 1392 times
A bunch of my friends playing a show at the Court Tavern, New Brunswick, NJ
Viewed 1479 times
It's when John does stuff like this that I realize why I love him. Presenting, AfroMan....
Viewed 1575 times
Falcon Ridge - the closest we'll get to heaven on Earth.
Viewed 1587 times
John makes me want to do naughty things.
Viewed 1676 times
What Bill has termed the Falcon "Ridge" - a view from Camp Edhead AKA Diagonal Camp Fruvous
Viewed 1670 times
Aoife wailing! Crooked Still - my musical obsession since '04 ;-)
Viewed 1642 times
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