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Photo Gallery: sarahelizabet

Another picture from the Halloween celebration at work.
Viewed 1665 times
Me with the band Rubyhorse at my campus.
Viewed 1777 times
Me wearing my Halloween wig for our Halloween day at work.
Viewed 1708 times
Bonnie and I at Christmas.
Viewed 1788 times
Me in the Maine Mall at Halloween.
Viewed 1827 times
A recent picture of me at Halloween.
Viewed 1782 times
Another picture of Lucy. Isn't she cute?
Viewed 1726 times
My dad, Lucy and me when I was 14.
Viewed 1678 times
My father, Bonnie as a puppy and my first dog Lucy.
Viewed 1694 times
Another puppy picture of Bonnie. She was 7 weeks old.
Viewed 1668 times
Me when I was 14 and Bonnie as a puppy at 2 weeks.
Viewed 1699 times
My dog Bonnie.
Viewed 1452 times

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