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Photo Gallery: ^kat^

^k^ on a cruise, march '05
Viewed 1339 times
^k^ and her cat, December '05
Viewed 1475 times
^k^ with longtime heroes john and john of TMBG
Viewed 1711 times
and now, for something completely different.
Viewed 1772 times
not to say that i don't, mind you.
Viewed 1747 times
so, too, does k's mom.
Viewed 1718 times
k's dad. he gets around.
Viewed 1740 times
home. with snow.
Viewed 1711 times
kat, cute but perplexingly concerned
Viewed 1832 times
my dad and my dorm. er, one wall, anyway.
Viewed 1703 times
^k^ and the sexiest man alive, 2002/3
Viewed 1837 times
jian and kat in the hat, 2.16.01
Viewed 1912 times
the beach of lake michigan, 8.5.00
Viewed 1916 times
myself and my favourite früheads, andrea & paul 2.19.00
Viewed 1814 times
a lovely group of früheads, 2.18.00
Viewed 1791 times
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