New Feature: Localized Forum

Posted by: Josh Woodward on Sun, Oct 3, 2004:

You can now easily talk and conspire with people in your area. You can plan local events, tell people about good local concerts, etc. Click for more information!

The new Get Local! Forum is a beta feature that lets you post new topics with specific locations attached. By default, you'll only see topics "centered" within a certain radius of your home base (and this can be configured).

An example: Let's say you live around Bowling Green, OH (like any self-respecting Fruhead) and you want to plan a get-together at Pollyeyes. You would post a new topic to this forum. When you are adding the message, it will also ask you for a city and a state. This will be used to filter to only people in your area.

I defaulted everyone who has listed their location to within 50 miles of their home base. You can change this, or even add other locations that you're interested in, from the forum.

Let me know if you see anything strange. The only bugs I know of right now: