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Poll: what embarrassing secrets does your pet know about you?

I sing barbara streisand in the shower every morning 1 (2%)
I tasted your pet food last night. Just to see. 5 (8%)
What I wear to bed. Or, don't wear, as the case may be. 20 (33%)
My extensive vocabulary of baby-talk words. 12 (20%)
It knows what you did last summer. 7 (12%)
I don't have a pet, you insensitive clod. 15 (25%)
   Discussion: what embarrassing secrets does your pet know about you?
Mollie · 21 years, 10 months ago
Cute poll, I was just looking for the "other" option. Although the real answer might be a bit too embarrassing to post.......
Michael (foof) Maki Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
Heh...and here I was looking for "all of the above" ;-)
Jºnªthªn · 21 years, 10 months ago
My pet also knows how I vacuum, and wether or not Homer Simpson's take on a Chumba Wumba song is accurate or not.
sheryls · 21 years, 10 months ago
DP definately knows that I belt out tunes at the top of my lungs while i clean, because usually no one is home but him. The neighbors probably know too.

He also probably can see me dance while i sing too, although his line of sight is somewhat restricted by his cage.

The singing i can deal with, but i dance like a Hippopotamus with a stubbed toe.
A girl named Becca · 21 years, 10 months ago

But, as it is, I have no pets to notice my quirks...I don't even have a roommate this year.... (Though my roommate from last year probably remembers all my weird habits...unless she's blocked them out........)
Talcott · 21 years, 10 months ago
Ya know those chocolate-chip-looking treats that you can get for rats, hamsters, and other rodents?

They don't taste good at all ;)

(like stale cardboard, only more dry)

Beyond that, Buttercup would know how often I sing songs, with the words slightly changed to fit her name.

(not to mention the obvious song)

Josh Woodward Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
i hope you're talking about the chocolate-chip-looking treats you get *for* them, and not *from* them.
sheryls Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
DP's treats would probably taste fine, as they're just raisins :)

i wonder who would win in a fight - DP or Buttercup?
Talcott Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
Buttercup would of course ;)
DP may have the size and strength, but he can't beat her ratish agility!

Not to mention the fact that she has built-in daggers ;)

emilie is CRANKY Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
we always try the dog chocolate at work. usually because we have nothing better to do. :D
zil Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
I haven't been able to find a treat that my haylee dog likes! I adopted her from the local humane society 6 months ago and she is still adjusting... she is a border collie mix... petrafied of bald men. or men wearing hats. and when I get home from class or work she is so happy to see me she dances around on her hind legs, making her about as tall as me. I'm convinced that she thinks she's a cat though... she is always trying to fit on my lap... and she stretches like one.

because she was abused and abandoned she is quite adicted to me... can't leave my side or she cries. even have to take her in the bathroom with me, so she knows about as much about me as my dearest friend does, I'm glad she can't talk.

does anyone have any suggestions as to what dog treat she might enjoy?
sheryls Back · 21 years, 10 months ago
does she like table food? if so she might like those Beggin Strips or Snausages.

Otherwise, there's some gourmet dog treats out there..i'm not sure who makes them, but, they're made with peanut butter with chunks of peanuts in them - damn, those are good. (ok. yes. i ate them. frequently. my friends mom used to get mad because we'd eat the whole container ;) . the box they come in looks like a pint of ice cream.
I had Matt Spare's baby! · 21 years, 10 months ago
My cats know a heck of a lot more than this poll suggests... *wink*

ShrinkMan · 21 years, 10 months ago
Me thinks many a masterbator are being somewhat disingenuous here...

Oh, did I type that out loud?

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