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Poll: Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?

No 27 (36%)
Yes 46 (61%)
Yes and I acted on it 3 (4%)
   Discussion: Did you ever have a crush on a teacher?
Kris 'engaged' Bedient · 15 years, 11 months ago
I've liked teachers, but in no way romantically. so I don't consider that to be a crush
dirty life & times · 15 years, 11 months ago
there has never been a time when i didn't have a crush on one teacher or another. except for the two years in there without school.

i tend to work harder in those classes :)
Andrea Krause Back · 15 years, 11 months ago
Same here. It's like...kind of a void that had to be filled. Teacher to crush on? Check. :)

Especially geeky but hot science teacher mr. messier. *swooooon*
nate... · 15 years, 11 months ago
never have....

I've never had a teacher who I was even remotely attracted to.... though I have had ones I really liked a lot as people.

caroline: tired. · 15 years, 11 months ago
I definitely have teachers that I like a lot, but as people, like Nate said, not in a romantic way.

So no, no crushes.
Bender · 15 years, 11 months ago
o/~ Gordon has a fantasy... o/~
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 15 years, 11 months ago
Notice I didn't ask, "Did you ever have a crush on a student* :-)

I've had plenty of teachers I was attracted to, starting with Miss Mintz in the second grade. I had plenty of teachers I liked a lot as people, but never one that I had a real crush on. Perhaps it would have been different if there were actually some women teaching math or physics courses in my college. As it was I think I had only two female professors: One for English Comp and one for Physical Anthropology. The Anthropology professor was cute and nice but had a very shaky understanding of how evolution works. She was really a cultural anthropologist. I don't remember her name I just remember it was lacking in vowels.
zil · 15 years, 11 months ago
who acted on their teacher crush.

OMG geek men are teh yum, so it should be no suprise when I fall for my math teacher as a senior in high school right? right.
Gordondon son of Ethelred Back · 15 years, 11 months ago
None of my students have ever felt that way :-)

Now for some yuck. I had a friend I met as an adult who had an affair with her high school chemistry teacher when she was 15. What makes it worse is that her mother knew about it and enabled the relationship.

I know someone else that had an affair with her college Physics professor.
Samantha · 15 years, 11 months ago
I seem to have a creepy teacher complex. Ok, so my senior year of highschool.. there was Mr. Roullier.. he was my Algebra teacher.. and h-o-l-y crap. Beautiful. The guy was 37 but didn't look a day over 25. Absolutely freaking gorgeous. Never acted on that one, but did spend extensive amounts of time getting "extra help"... for some reason, I just "couldn't grasp the concepts"...

Then, that same year, I had a student teacher in my psychology class.. Wasn't too fond of him physically, or personally until we started talking one day at random and figured out we had ALOT in common.. then all of a sudden, I randomly developed ye olde crush on him.. Never worked out. We're still friends, now that I'm in college.. I see him at RennFair.. but I seriously had one of the biggest crushes on him I've ever had in my life..

and now.. my freshman year of college... Theres my art professor, Mike.. oooh gosh. He's lovely. Tall, built, redhead.. with blue eyes... he's adorable. And he's intellectual.. and he's got a cute bellybutton^_^. [don't ask, don't tell.]

so,yeah.. I've had that crush-on-a-teacher thing more than once.. I almost considered acting on it with the Art professor after I got out of his class [cause he's only a grad student]... but I changed my mind.. just gonna find someone my own age..
Bender Back · 15 years, 11 months ago
even when you find someone your age, there are many people to enable your fetish ;P
dgodwin · 15 years, 11 months ago
As a student, no. But, as I'm an (unemployed) teacher, I've had a few female co-workers that I thought were kinda hot (cue Van Halen!)
Ligeia Lester · 15 years, 10 months ago
I wanna hear from the people that "acted on it" what happened?!?? did you get all freaky with teacher? or were you rudely rejected? or gently let down? I wanna hear!!

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