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Poll: How do you feel about Starbucks?

I don't like their coffee or the corporation 28 (39%)
I like the coffee but not corporation 9 (13%)
I don't like the coffee but I don't mind the corporation 18 (25%)
I like the coffee and don't mind the corporation 17 (24%)
   Discussion: How do you feel about Starbucks?
lawrence · 15 years, 1 month ago
I don't really like their attitude that they have to be everywhere and that they make every place look and feel the same, taking away the uniqueness of smaller towns, but unlike Wal-Mart, which does the same thing but on an even larger scale, they at least don't donate to Republicans, and they seem to have reasonably good business practices. Well, aside from the 'let's put a store on every street corner' idea.
*joolee* · 15 years, 1 month ago
But the caramel apple cider is to SLAY for
sheryls Back · 15 years ago
i was just about to say that! i hate their coffee. but that carmel apple cider..nnnnnngh. i get mine w/no whippedcream. so it doesnt get chunky as i drink it. it's SO FREAKIN GOOD.
esa que ves en el rincón · 15 years, 1 month ago
The caramel apple cider kicks ass. Next time you're there, ask them if they can make it with cinnamon dolce syrup instead of regular cinnamon syrup. Mmmm...

Plus, Starbucks provides health care even for part-time employees. Nowadays, you cant beat that.
goovie is married! Back · 15 years ago
i lost my taste for the caramel apple cider when i found out it was just apple juice. bleh. if you're going to call something "cider," shouldn't you make it from, oh, i dunno, cider?

that being said, i dig their passion iced tea lemonade, their peppermint hot chocolate, their mint mocha frappucinos, and a number of pastries. but i'm partial to the groovy independent coffeeshop up the street.
Paul D. Beasi Back · 15 years ago
In the US, there is almost no appreciable difference between products labeled "apple cider" and "apple juice".

Michael (foof) Maki Back · 15 years ago
That cider sounds *fantastic*
goovie is married! Back · 15 years ago
really? that surprises me, because to me, they have very different tastes. but i'm usually wrong about everything, so i'll take your and wikipedia's word for it.
renita · 15 years, 1 month ago
in fact it's my last choice when it comes to buying a cuppa joe.

i do'nt really like it when people talk of them closing down the independant coffee shops, because frankly, starbucks created the coffee boutique culture in north america, yes, there were some coffee shops around, but not like there are now.

also, it is dumb that there's a starbucks on every corner, but damned if there isn't the market for it. in downtown vancouver there are two starbucks kitty corner to each other on the SAME intersection. and yet, at least a few years ago, they were two of the highest grossing locations in the lower mainland.
100% dainty! Back · 15 years ago
Well, putting a starbucks on every corner probably creates (or helps create) a market for it. That's what capitalism does. It doesn't just respond to needs. it creates them.

Also, there have been cafe and coffeeshops around for awhile. Starbucks definitely made it more chic and yuppie, but frankly, the environment in Starbucks isn't really boutique. It's rather sterile and uninviting compared to other independent coffeeshops with more personality.
Snow In Summer · 15 years ago

I don't have much issue with them, to be honest. I suppose it's because I happen to be lucky in that
a) my town does have an independant coffee shop (2, if you count the old school diner up the block)
b) the closest Starbucks is ~10 miles away. granted there are 3 in that particular area (drive thru, regular & the one in the supermarket).

Maybe rural western PA isn't really the Starbucks' target market. Perhaps it's the only advantage of being surrounded by rednecks ;-)

don't believe it's possible?  check their store locator & pop in zip code 16063. :-D

dirty life & times · 15 years ago
enjoy the pastries :).
sheryls Back · 15 years ago
their blueberry scones are great!
Josh Woodward · 15 years ago

Yeah, they're a typical big company with all the profit margin crap that's associated with it. But the reason I hate S$ is their terrible coffee (I'm talking about coffee here, not espresso drinks, which I'm not really into). They burn the poor beans into oblivion during the roasting process and their coffee tastes like charcoal, and brilliantly market it as "gourmet". At that level of roast, there's no difference in taste from one coffee to the next, so they can use cheapass beans.

Granted, I'm a coffee geek to the point that I roast my own at home, but come on over sometime. I'll make you a cup of city-roasted Yirgacheffe and we'll see if you ever crave Charbucks again.

Bender · 15 years ago
This summer, I lived on the green iced tea lemonade. Oh... dear god it's good.
betsy =) · 15 years ago
I work for Starubcks part-time and take advantage of their 401k and health insurance plan. I don't care for any coffee, but at least I can go to school and I can have good health insurance.

*the best partner secret new drink: the cinnamon dolce latte with 1 pump of white mocha*
K-Lyn · 15 years ago
...but they have the best chai and other yummy options. I can count on them wherever I go, and the people are usually awesome. No issues.
nate... · 15 years ago
their coffee is absolute crap.

But I don't care one way or the other about the corporation.

J. Andrew World · 15 years ago
I feel their products taste like flavored water.
Phoenix · 15 years ago
Since I live in some sort of coffee mekka there's a lot to choose from :D

I'm rather into all kinds of espresso drinks but in the morning teh best thing is what the Diesel Cafe calls a kickstart: black coffee with 2 espresso shots :)
Paul the KOA · 15 years ago
I don't like coffee at all.
danced with Lazlo · 15 years ago
I prefer Caf-B. Oh wait... that was fictional. Damn.
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 15 years ago
I just heard that Bach's Coffee Cantata is now sometimes called the Starbuck Cantata.

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