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Poll: TMBG - Long Tall Weekend - Side 2

Reprehensible 2 (14%)
Certain People I Could Name 2 (14%)
Counterfeit Faker 1 (7%)
They Got Lost 9 (64%)
Lullabye To Nightmares 0 (0%)
On Earth My Nina 0 (0%)
   Discussion: TMBG - Long Tall Weekend - Side 2
K. D. Lurker · 15 years, 7 months ago
This was tough, because I also love "Certain People I Could Name." I know Linnell wrote "Reprehensible," but Flans really makes it his own; there's something about his vocals here that's both creepy and endearing. I always picture some poor guy who really believes he's somehow responsible for all the evil things that have ever happened in the world. I also love a bootleg live recording I have somewhere in which, after the song, Flans says, "Reprehensible, yeah. Swear word, swear word, yeah."

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